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Revitalize Your Life with Feel Great System

The Feel Great System offers distinct items such as Unimate and Balance, as well as time-based meal planning, that have transformed the lives of numerous individuals. These products have helped people feel and look fantastic without requiring them to alter their diets or keep track of their calorie intake.

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Bridge the Gap to Optimal Health with Unicity's Feel Great System

If you're struggling to change your eating habits, manage your cravings, or don't know where to start, the Feel Great System by Unicity has simplified things for you. It's designed to help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. With the Feel Great approach, you can enjoy the foods you love while using two essential products - Unimate and Unicity Balance - to easily maintain your dietary balance. It's a simple and effective solution to help you feel great without having to drastically change your eating habits.


How it works:

To kick off your day with energy, have a tasty Unimate drink in the morning. Then, consume a Unicity Balance drink 5-15 minutes before meals and continue with your usual eating habits without the need to count anything. This simple combination takes care of everything for you without any complicated rules.

The Feel Great system is a scientifically supported program that uses two food-based products to manage cravings, appetite, and metabolism. It also promotes normal levels of insulin and glucose in the blood.

Benefits Include:

  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels
  • Supports healthy cholesterol
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Improves mental focus and clarity
  • No need to diet
  • Enjoy your favorite foods


Daily Routine


7 - 9am (Breakfast)

Starting your day with Unicity Unimate is an excellent method to improve your energy and focus in the morning without interrupting your overnight fasting period.


12pm (Lunch)

Consuming Unicity Balance prior to your lunch can help mitigate the effect of any carbohydrates you may eat by slowing down their absorption.


6 - 8pm (Dinner)

To help manage the upcoming fasting period, consume another dose of Balance before dinner to decrease the impact of any carbohydrates you consume.


8pm (Bedtime)

After dinner, now starts your fast, and allow 16 hours before your upcoming meal. Since you’ve already had Unimate and Balance, fasting will get easier for you.

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Unicity Unimate

This beverage is a highly concentrated yerba mate drink that consists of a distinctive combination of plant compounds that are recognized for their properties.

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    Improve mood

  • feelgreatlifestyle

    Boost energy

  • feelgreatlifestyle

    Heighten mental clarity

  • feelgreatlifestyle

    Surpress appetite

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Unicity Balance

Balance provides an intelligent answer to attaining balanced nutrition. Its exclusive combination of fibers, nutrients, and plant compounds is meticulously formulated to achieve the following:

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    Slow carbohydrate absorption so you stay full longer

  • feelgreatlifestyle

    Promote proper digestion and cholesterol absorption

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    Provide 9 essential vitamins and minerals

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Feel Great, Live Great with The Feel Great System

Maintaining smart choices and habits can make feeling great simple and easy, no longer complicated or challenging.

Transform your life with The Feel Great System. Experience a new level of happiness and vitality as you unleash the power of smart choices and habits. Try it today and feel the difference!

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The diagram presented below serves as an exemplary model for utilizing the system, but it should be noted that this is merely a sample timetable. The Feel Great System is adaptable to fit different fasting routines and eating habits.


Elevating your fiber consumption might lead to a rise in flatulence or abdominal distension in certain individuals. This is a typical physiological reaction as your body adjusts to greater quantities of fiber intake. The symptoms should reduce after a period of 2-3 weeks. If you experience significant discomfort, it may be beneficial to reduce your intake of Balance by half before each meal for a duration of 3-7 days.

A significant advantage of this system is that you have the freedom to consume any type of food you desire. However, to achieve optimal outcomes, we recommend adhering to these 5 essential recommendations:

  • Ingesting Balance® to provide your body with nourishment prior to each meal.
  • Ingesting Unimate® during fasting, which facilitates the burning of fat for energy.
  • Acquire proteins of superior quality (whether animal-based or soy-based) to fulfill your body's anabolic requirements.
  • It is recommended that you consume your carbohydrates in a solid form rather than in liquid form. Beverages such as soda and fruit juices are typically high in sugar and are not beneficial for your body. However, if you still desire to consume fruit juice or soda, you can compensate for the lack of fiber by drinking Balance, although it is not advisable, as mentioned earlier.
  • Employ high-grade fats and oils for culinary purposes.

Because each person's metabolic health differs, it is difficult to provide a precise estimation of when you will observe the outcomes you seek. As a result, the results will differ. Nevertheless, we can guarantee that you will experience a sensation of wellness during your initial 8 weeks, given that you use the products on a daily and consistent basis.

Numerous variables influence the advantages you will derive from the feel great system. Given that each individual commences their journey with distinct health ailments, cultural upbringings, and medical past, it is impossible to ensure that everyone will experience the same benefits simultaneously.

A few individuals notice changes within a few days, whereas for others it may take a few weeks.

For a significant number of individuals, seeing changes might take a minimum of 8 weeks, which is contingent on various factors. If your primary objective is weight loss, it is essential to recognize that progress will be sluggish if you are unwilling to modify your diet. Therefore, the feel great system is not specifically intended for weight loss; instead, it aims to assist in regulating blood glucose levels. Weight loss may occur as a secondary effect, but it will require time, perseverance, and regularity.

Although weight loss is not the primary objective of the feel great system, it can be an added benefit. However, if your primary aim for embarking on the feel great system is weight loss and you are not willing to make changes to your diet, the process will be slow. While you will begin to notice results eventually, patience and consistency are required to see significant outcomes.

To optimize the benefits of the system and achieve weight loss, we recommend increasing your protein intake with every meal while using the system. This approach can potentially accelerate the rate at which you observe changes.

Balance is a solution for achieving a balanced and healthy diet. Its unique blend of fibers, nutrients, and plant compounds has been specially formulated to:

  • Slow carbohydrate absorption so you stay full longer
  • Helps to maintain healthy metabolism and support healthy cholesterol levels.
  • Multi-vitamin/multi-mineral supplement

Unimate can provide you with the energy and motivation to start your day. It is a concentrated yerba mate drink that contains a distinct combination of plant compounds that are recognized for their benefits, such as:

  • Great tasting
  • Easy to Use
  • Refreshing + sugar-free

Unimate is a better alternative to coffee due to its high levels of vitamins and minerals, which provide a feeling of fullness and energy. Additionally, Unimate yerba tea is not addictive and undergoes a hyper-purification process, making it easier for the body to absorb and safer to consume than coffee.

It's important to be aware that Unimate contains a similar amount of caffeine as a high-quality cup of coffee, which is less than 100mg. If you are sensitive to caffeine, you should be cautious and avoid drinking Unimate too quickly. Instead, sip it slowly and enjoy its taste and benefits.

Certainly. It is acceptable to have multiple servings of Unimate per day. However, it is not recommended to consume it before going to bed due to its caffeine and chlorogenic acid content. It is suggested to have an extra serving between meals to help reduce the urge to snack and maximize the advantages of the system.

To optimize the outcomes, it is suggested to consume the supplement two times a day, around 10 to 15 minutes before your largest meals.

Standard shipping typically takes 5-10 business days for delivery and does not include holidays or weekends. If you have not received a tracking number for your order on the following business day, please contact Unicity customer service at 1-800-UNICITY.

Before beginning any dietary supplement program, it is advisable to seek advice from your healthcare provider. For healthcare practitioners, the most reliable source of information is the PDR. Further information on Unimate and Balance can be obtained from the PDR website.

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  • Then go to and enter the referral code in the Blue box and click the arrow. (show screenshot).
  • Complete the checkout process.

Members get rewarded in product credits when referring other members to the Feel Great System.

Unimate and Balance are both included in the PDR (Physicians Desk Reference), a popular source of drug-related information for both American physicians and patients. This reference guide contains detailed descriptions of the products, their benefits, suggested usage, safety precautions, warnings, and information on how they are supplied, as well as references to relevant research studies.

It is recommended that you seek advice from a healthcare professional before using this product.

There is no risk of dependency associated with Feel Great products, and you can take them for as long as you wish to maintain your feeling of greatness.

The duration of your engagement with Feel Great is entirely reliant on your personal goals. This program is not a temporary or difficult health challenge, nor is it a restrictive diet or a passing fad. It is intended to be a sustainable lifestyle that you can adopt for the long term.

The ease of using Feel Great products and their significant impact often leads individuals to continue taking them for several years. Although there is no risk of dependency, you have the freedom to discontinue using them whenever you like. However, you may find that you do not wish to stop taking them.